Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello. My name is Elizabeth, and this is my blog.

Here I will discuss three things with which I am obsessed: nail polish, pens, and people.

Nail polish is a new obsession for me, and as such I am making many exciting new discoveries. The only problem is ... My family and friends (and coworkers and random people) really couldn't care less. So, inspired by the polish blogs that I have started reading daily, I am launching my own blog. This is my attempt to temper my excitement by sending my discoveries out into the univers and pretending that someone else cares (which I hope someone one day will ... right?). Expect many excited posts about such mundane things as top- and base coats, drying drops, and brand consistency scattered among the many equally exited posts sharing newly discovered colors and other pretty things. When I called this an obsession, I wasn't joking.

Pens. What can I say? I'm a pen snob. Always have been. I refuse to use ballpoint pens unless I'm writing on receipt tape and don't have a felt-tipped pen with me. Currently I'm in love with the new Sharpie Pens. Expect to hear much more about them.

And People. People simply amaze me. How is it that enough variation exists within one species to where one individual is able to perform minute, intricate brain surgery; while another specimen somehow manages to shoot himself in the hand with a .22 RIFLE while climbing a tree? This third category is primarily for me to rant about things that I read or experience, both positive and negative. Plus I needed a third "P."

My name is Elizabeth, and this is my blog.

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